Snoqualmie Falls

Only about 40 minutes from Seattle, Snoqualmie Falls is an easy afternoon (or morning) trip. Snoqualmie Falls is on the Snoqualmie River between the towns of Fall City and Snoqualmie. This is a great destination when you have visitors from out town.

Snoqualmie Falls from one of the viewpointsSnoqualmie Falls from one of the viewpoints

The 268'-high falls is a great place to go in any weather. It is higher than Niagara Falls, and a popular tourist spot. Take a picnic lunch in warm weather. The paths in the park are all paved and wheelchair accessible. 

Snoqualmie Falls from one of the viewpointsSnoqualmie Falls from one of the viewpoints

In summer and fall, the flow is lower, like the picture above. Earlier in the season, or after a heavy rain, the flow increases and the falls become more spectacular. You can get quite wet from the spray standing at the view points in the park.

Wide view of Snoqualmie FallsWide view of Snoqualmie Falls

All of the view points and most of the paths are wheelchair accessible. There are several picnic tables near the main parking lot.

Snoqualmie Falls picnic tables and pathsSnoqualmie Falls picnic tables and paths

Walk the 1/2 mile trail down to view the lower falls - but don't forget you must then walk that same trail up to get back to the main parking lot. Or, if hiking down and up isn't your thing, park at the lower parking lot. Take 372nd Ave, turn left at Hatchery Road and follow that road to the parking lot. 

Snoqualmie Falls from below the fallsSnoqualmie Falls from below the falls

The roads to the falls are fun on a motorcycle. And once there, you will find there are designated motorcycle parking spaces - a good thing, as when the weather is nice the parking lot is often full on weekends. 

The day the photo below was taken was misty, yet was still a fun ride and good view of the falls. 

Motorcycle Group at Snoqualmie FallsMotorcycle Group at Snoqualmie Falls

The falls get interesting after a few days of freezing weather. Keep this in mind when the winter weather in Seattle is cold and clear (or not so clear). Head to Snoqualmie Falls for some unique views. 

Icy Snoqualmie Falls in WinterIcy Snoqualmie Falls in Winter

Snoqualmie Falls Locator Map

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